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Eternal Sanctuary Lamps

Dignified in appearance, each lamp is designed to compliment your architectural interior.

As well, all are fabricated from durable, rust-resistant metal.

Our sanctuary lamps are handcrafted and metal formed in a manner reviving and perpetuating designs created by artisans of the past. These lamps will serve to recreate those that graced the cathedrals of yesterday.

The lamps are electric and equipped for use with a gas glow lamp standard base which simulates a candle or oil flame. A durable ruby votive glass is included. The font is solid brass, highly polished and treated with a transparent, baked coating to resist tarnishing.

Suitable for use with the standard electrical octagon box that will hang at any angle.

Overall Length:
As indicated on "Detailed Specifications & Product Sizes", you will find the overall length from the ceiling to the bottom of the lantern. Special lengths of chain and wire available upon request.

Can be supported for use with 7 or 14 day candles (candles by others). The votive glass can be supplied in other colours.

Lamps are C.S.A. approved. Two wire plug plus ground wire.