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Mills Architectural Lighting joins Lighting Nelson & Garrett Inc.

I am pleased to announce that Mills Architectural Lighting has recently joined forces with Nelson & Garrett Incorporated of Toronto Canada. Our manufacturing and assembly has been integrated into Nelson & Garrett's fully equipped factory and is up and running smoothly.

You might say "Lighting is in our blood", or that " we have come full circle". Our shared history dates back to the 1940's when my father John Mills purchased the name and some of the assets of Christopher Nelson's grandfather, Samuel Nelson's Metal Industries of Hamilton Ontario. Both men passed along their craft and love of lighting to their sons. Herbert Nelson founded Colonial Lighting in Port Colborne Ontario where Samuel worked well into his 80's and I founded Mills Architectural Lighting on my fathers' retirement and closing of Metal Industries. Christopher and John Garrett formed Lighting Nelson & Garrett in the early 90's and later purchased the assets of Colonial Lighting. Decades and thousands of commissions later, together we are entrusted with what is likely North America's largest collection of historical casting patterns and archival drawings, passed down through five generations of the Nelson and Mills' families.

In 1905 Samuel Nelson incorporated a new technology called "electricity" in his fixtures. Today we are testing and incorporating the latest technologies and have just developed an exclusive LED engine rated at a total of 135 watts as an alternative to the traditionally used 500 watt down light and 600 watt incandescent body lights (1100 watt total) . A great savings in these days of rapidly rising energy costs with fifty times the rated life to reduce your maintenance costs!

Our amalgamation enables us to offer other possibilities in style, finishes and light sources not reflected in these pages, so please feel free to contact me any time with special requests or questions.

Best regards,
Harry T.Mills